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The accusation of the shameless evil deeds of Taiwan Government to abuse its strong power & exert the crowd to not only shelter the illegal but enforce me political & judicial persecutions groundlessly on purpose (including the illegal maltreatment of the Taichung Watching House to me ) -The "law-performers" as the policeman, the official disciplinarian (They & the relevant officials even made false evidences to ensnare me but were indulged by the government on purpose.) & the court fall as tools to shelter the illegal, strike against the innocent & persecute the human rights:
("Chinese Human Rights Association" also deems them illegal, see described below.)
Please see the detail in the "complete edition" on the website                                             Chung-Gin Lee  

The foresaying that Taiwan Gov. not only shelter the illegal but enforce me political & judicial persecutions groundlessly on purpose:
 I's graduated from Tamkang College & was distributed to the accounting office of the former Provincial Tax Bureau via the pass of the high-degree exam of officials in Jan. 1981. Because the head of the office Gian-Fon Tan wished to use his henchman, so he abused his power & exerted his subordinates to expel & persecute me. And the superior administrative & judicial organizations also based upon "the officials protect one another", absolutely disregarding the law & reason to not only shelter their illegal acts but persecute me groundlessly on purpose (including to indulge them -containing the policeman & the official disciplinarian etc. to fabricate false evidences to ensnare me on purpose):
Besides many illegal invading my rights cases: The head of my section Yang-Wu Chi colluded with a tax-officer Co-Ho Hu (the original officer of the a.c. borrowed there) to transfer the file I lent Hu to Chi for hiding to ensnare me (Despite this case being found by the the disciplinarian of the discipline-maintaining office of the T.B. at Chi's seat on the spot, both the T.B. & Provincial Accounting Department still distorted the fact to shelter their crime. ) After several days, Tan also reviled me groundlessly for his not granting my asking for the superior org.'s instructions on his ordering me to pass an illegal doc. to get a safer disposal, then degraded me -the office worker to do the job of the clerk Shew-Luan Chang. Afterwards he continued to exert his subordinates to taunt & jeer alternatively at me, practicing spiritual persecution on me wanting to force me to leave the a.o. automatically for not being able to tolerate it to attain his end to expel me, so caused the case that the extra labor of the a.o. Pei-Zon Lee reviled me gratuitously first to his face, then struck me to injury. (But the gov. stiffly distorted it to be "my exchanging blows with her" to not only shelter her crime but punish me absurdly by it. The court also judged it to be "my exchanging blows with her" absurdly.) During the period of my curing injury, Tan also exerted 10 female subordinates (including Chang etc. in the case of "the registry for the documents undertaken" described behind) to assume the name of "the whole staff of the a.o." (Except me & the superior officials, there're still 16 associates remaining in the a.o..) to write a letter to the former A.D. to accuse me falsely-with a view to leaning upon "the whole crowd strength" to force the A.D. to transfer my job. (The A.D. not only sheltered their "definite" crime of fabricating document, but used it to threaten my father wanting to transfer my job. The court also judged them innocent.)
The Gov. (including the court) also indulged many illegal invading my rights cases not to manage according to law, but contrarily judged me the non-existent crime & penalty ( -also basing upon the false evidence) absurdly on purpose as follows:
No.1 The clerk Shew-Luan Chang of the former Provincial Tax Bureau had destroyed the real transference list & fabricated a transference list falsely recorded "with the transference of a
registry for docs. undertaken" on it, had made the official make false record on doc. & had had the possibility to collude with Tan & Gin-Lu Sy (the agent-head of the discipline-maintaining office of the A.D.) to fabricate a report she'd sent up to the discipline-maintaining office of the A.D. on May 16, 1983 falsely recorded that the original of the transference list had been detained by me again at her asking my returning the 9 pages torn of the registry for docs. undertaken to her & refused to return. Tan also gave false witness for Chang that at his supervising the transference & acceptance Chang & I had made, h'd seen (fundamentally non-existent) Chang's having transferred her registry for docs. undertaken to me.
No.2 The agent-head of the discipline-maintaining office of the A.D. Gin-Lu Sy not only sheltered Chang's crime of fabricating doc., but accused me that I'd torn Chang's transference list copy I'd accused to be fabricated which he'd given me to examine lawfully held in my hand to broken on purpose, or I'd robbed Chang's t.l. copy back from him after his having taken it back causing it broken falsely.
No.3 Chang falsely accused me that I'd torn up 9 pages of the registry for the docs. undertaken I'd transferred to her (including the record of the evidence of Chi's colluding with Hu to hide my file (The court was investigating that matter at Chang etc.'s fabricating doc. case described ahead then.) & also Chang etc. their own on fabricating doc. ) arbitrarily -the court judged me six months' penalty absurdly.
No.4 The policeman Jia-Chen Hwang connived at Chang's criminal act on fabricating the t.l. on purpose, but arrested me -the plaintiff illegally at the instigation of Tan & Sy etc.; after I'd accused his illegal arrest against me, wanting to rid of his crime so he countercharged me "as a reporter on Chang's fabricating doc. to the police on June 16, 1983, but I'd reviled ( -What things are the police?) & struck  the policeman (Hwang) ( -taking the telephone pipe to strike him causing his left arm slightly hurt -but the injury certificate didn't record the scope of the injury according to the regulation, the court still didn't order him to mend it according to law) coming at my request groundlessly to hinder his performance of official business to manage Chang's case on fabricating the t.l. for me" falsely -the court judged me one year's penalty absurdly.
No.5 At my being illegally detained at The Taichung Watching House, they also based upon the
customarily illegal mind & behaviors that the gov. persecuted me to persecute me -they hung me on the tree shelf causing my sinews & bones seriously injured (up to now the injury trace has still remained).
To my many years' appealing about the above illegal cases -the Gov. not only sheltered the illegal, but persecuted & maltreated me, Taiwan Gov. still disregards refusing to manage according to law -to revoke the two illegal judgments to rejudge me innocent & punish the illegal said above to render me a late-coming justice up to now. ( Please see all the details in the "complete edition" . )
So I swear I'll strive with Taiwan Gov. at all costs to the end to maintain the weaker's dignity & human rights & disclose its shameless & brutal deeds of tramping law &reason &the weaker's human rights arbitrarily to the world here & appeal to everybody to notice that whether Taiwan gov. will persecute me again -no matter in the brightness or dark owing to getting angry from embarrassment "at my disclosing many illegal criminal acts of theirs to strive for & maintain the weaker's dignity & human rights".